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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Item 2 of 3

Item 2. We've canceled the wedding.

Or more accurately, we've canceled the wedding we were planning. We're still getting married, but sooner, and in front of fewer people. In light of my decision to give notice with or without anything in my back pocket, we could not rationally have a "normalish" wedding.

The event we were originally planning was for 75 or so people in October with a reception and minimal catering. We didn't think we could make that happen for less than about $10k, all told. I haven't toiled at a hateful job since I graduated just to throw it all away on a party. I was sick over it. So we made our small wedding even smaller. We canceled our original venue and ate the loss on our deposit (the jury's still out though on how "non-refundable" it is, we'll see).

The new venue is on city property, for which we only need a permit and about 20 rented chairs, and we've bumped it up to May (no, I'm not pregnant -- this is literally the first question everyone asks). We're still getting the rabbi, but instead of a reception, we're just going to have a lunch at a restaurant nearby. We've reserved a large room there at no charge, and we'll set up a little cake and probably imbibe in some champagne and other celebratory victuals. As for the dress, I'll try to find a $99 one at DB, and he'll get a free tux rental. While we're going outside the norm somewhat, I have decided that I still want to wear a white dress.

You may have noticed that our new wedding date hovers suspiciously close to my last day of work. We're sensible people, and since I've had some health issues in the past, I know it's nearly impossible for me to find fair (or ANY) health insurance coverage, so we're going to add me to his plan he has through his employer. Not cheap, for sure, but probably the best way to go for now.

And don't even get me started on the name-change question.

Item 3 tomorrow!


Tonya said...

Good for you! This sounds very similar to the wedding my sister is planning for this summer. Immediate family in our backyard followed by dinner out at their favorite restaurant. We're all going to grow sunflowers to decorate with and his photographer cousin will take the pictures. His sister will make the wedding cake and my husband will video the ceremony. After we eat dinner we will return to our house for cake, lawn games, a campfire, and sparklers and a piniata for the kids. Her wedding will be so inexpensive and easy to pull off. Helping her plan is making me wish I had gone the simple route when I got married 13 years ago!

QL girl said...

Those sound like some pretty drastic changes. If your job was making you THAT miserable, well, you're making the best decision! Good luck!!!

Investing Newbie said...

Wow, those are some game changers there. Good luck with everything!

ekingout said...

@Tonya - I'm so relieved not to have to spend a bajillion dollars on it.

@QL girl - I really hope I am. Honestly, I'm still vacillating, but I just keep going back to the fact that my plan for the past 2 years has been to find another job and quit, but I never have!! That thought keeps me slightly more resolute.