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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Omigod, shoes.

I recently threw away a pair of flat black leather-upper rubber-soled calf-length boots after a particularly harsh winter. I had the boots for about 8 years, but wore them almost daily for the last 2. Their last few months were pretty sad (soggy, really) - the outer sole was so worn that fissures were forming and allowing water in. The place where the leather met the rubber sole was becoming unsealed, and water seeped through there, too. I thought about having them resoled, but I got a few puzzled looks from people when I asked about having rubber-soled shoes resoled. Plus, the toe was really dated (very square), too flat, and frankly, people had been poking fun at me about it. So I tossed them. Now what?

I should say now that my main beef with street shoes is that the comfortable ones are few and far between, and when you find one, they're not "smart" (as your nana probably says), and all the cute or professional-looking shoes have heels that are ridiculous. I am not a small girl. I do not want to perch all [XXX] pounds of me on top of two tiny spindles. I need a sturdy mid-height heel. I know some of you reading this might see "mid-height" and think 2.5", but I'm talking 1.75" max. This type of shoe is almost impossible to find. Welcome to my search for the holy-grail shoe.

My most recent scouting was into oxford-shoe territory, but I couldn't find a nice women's oxford shoe with a mid-height heel. Once again, I was struck by the 1/4", 3" split. So In the interest of comfort and economy, I've been looking at... wait for it... dance shoes. Dance shoes are generally heeled shoes with leather soles made for movement (duh). Enter these Latin dance practice shoes:

I got them in khaki.

Hear me out. First of all, do these shoes not scream summer? That is perforated leather, my friends, for ventilation. The heel is just under 1 1/2 inches, which is just enough to add some polish and shape to the foot while still allowing maximum comfort while using your feet for the purpose they were intended. Plus, I know for a fact that leather-soled shoes can be resoled. As in, when I wear holes through the soles, I can take them to be replaced. I know they're not great for wet or icy weather, but I'm going to try these out for the summer, and if I like them, I'm going back for the non-perforated black variety for fall. And there are some 1 3/4" choir pumps calling my name, too.

What are some of your shoe solutions?

And because nobody says it better than Kelly, a brief video from ye olde days of 2006:

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Jin6655321 said...

My sister was in a dance chorus in high school and part of her costume was a nude, low heeled Mary Jane. I stole them from her and they are quite comfy. The pair I have do not have much in terms of padding so I have to put in inserts but, other than that, perfect.

I'm not sure what size you wear but if you're around size 6, maybe 7, you can always shop the girl's department. You have to wade through A LOT of glitter and fake leather but, every once in awhile, you'd be surprised.