"Secret skimping is out, like false bosoms." - Marjorie Hillis, Orchids on Your Budget, 1937.

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 2011 Net Worth

Emergency Fund: $3,834.65
Checking: $226.63
Travel (aka Other People's Weddings): $50.92
Medical/Dental: $350.71
School: $250.59
Retirement: $325.77
Roth IRA: $9,901.84
401k: $7,620.00
Sharebuilder: $239.35
Total Positive: $22,800.46

Rent: $PAID
Groceries/Utilities: $218.00
Phone: $60
Subway: $59
Credit cards: $485.98
Student Loan I: $5,588.78 (from over $19k)
Student Loan II: $0
Total Negative: $6,411.76

Net Worth: $16,388.70

You'll notice that I drained my travel fund due to a wedding this past weekend. I also went on a bit of a shopping spree while I was there because I didn't have any shoes to wear. I mean, I own shoes, but strangely a grand total of zero shoes that could be considered either "dressy" or even "dressy casual", despite being employed full time. I was also ill-equipped for any ambulation with a pair of tortuous J.Crew flip-flops. TRASH. Luckily I found the following stores: Payless, Nine West, and Naturalizer for all my wedding weekend shoe needs. The Payless heels were actually comfortable (wha???) with a 3" heel (WHA???). I normally can't walk in anything over 1.5", but I think I understand now that it's the mid-range that gives me problems, because it puts more pressure in the arch reason maybe? I actually have no idea, but these were fine. Oh, and I bought a dress at Macy's on clearance. So add a total of about $150 to my credit card tally (it hasn't hit yet).

I'll need to be contributing more to my dental fund soon because I'm having some major, now DAILY, pain in a certain region or 3. One of the items is a decade-old restoration, and I knew this day was coming. Another is a break, and the last is possibly some decay under a filling. In any case, I anticipate I won't be done with this until I'm several thousand down. When it rains it pours, right?

Also: I put in my notice at my job. WHAT. I know. No, I don't have another one lined up. Please hold all questions until next month, when hopefully I will have more answers.

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