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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Furniture shopping!

As I scour my Domino magazine back-issues, I realize how expensive furniture is. No one ever told me that a nice chair can cost a few hundred dollars.

($700.00 chair from IKEA!)

Anyway, I was looking at Victorian-era furniture at the antique market, and I found a few pieces with beautiful bones, but awful upholstery. I found a stained "couch" for $125, and a regal chair (with dark green velvet) for $150.00. I'm not really into velvet, but if I was a whiz at upholstery, I'd have swooped up those items in a heart beat.

Has anyone ever completed such an undertaking?

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Anonymous said...

If you take your time, it's not too bad to recover furniture. Carefully take off the old material and use it as your pattern for cutting the new material. Replace bad foam and tighten any loose boards on the frame. Try not to use fabric with a pattern you have to match up, and try to use fabric that isn't too heavy- it's hard to sew on a regular machine. If you can do a puzzle, you can do this. Just put the pieces back together like they were originally and it will be great.Good luck!!