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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We've Only Just Begun...Wedding Planning.

I've had so many conversations with my mother this month about wedding stuff. I'm pretty sure it's all we talk about now. Not 5 minutes ago, I was on the phone with Mom, and she was yammering on about photographers, and I just couldn't listen for one more single little second. I had to interrupt and tell her I'd call her back tomorrow before my head exploded.

Yes, I'm totally into the idea of getting married. Yes, I want my friends and family there on my wedding day, but NO, I AM TOTALLY NOT INTO PLANNING THIS BIATCH!

We've reserved the venue, the rabbi, and possibly the dress. Now there's the cake to consider, photos, lodging for out-of-town guests, DIY decorations, hair, makeup, food, music, and now we're even taking an eraser to the guest list. I could never, ever be an event planner. I can feel my brain hemorrhaging as I type this.

I'm not sure what is so hard about this for me. I think part of it is the money (isn't it always?). This is going to cost a helluva lot of money no matter which way you slice it. We're doing a "small" wedding, but it's still going to cost more money than I have right now.

Second, I never pictured a big wedding for myself. I'm just not the type to moon over wedding dresses and floral arrangements, and I don't feel like faking it.

Third, a co-worker of mine spent over $70K on her wedding this year. $70K, and apparently it just happened! As if a $70K wedding is something you just fall into! Anyway, I'm definitely not a $70K wedding kind of girl, I'm not even a $20K or $10K wedding kind of girl, no matter what the national average is, and I don't want to accidentally spend anywhere near that! In fact, my original idea was to have my wedding in my aunt's backyard with a local BBQ joint catering, but it was nixed when we realized the chairs would sink into the lawn.

Anyway, I know I've committed to the type of wedding with photographers and caterers, but I'd be lying if I said I was looking forward to planning it.

To be continued...?


me in millions said...

Rabbi? Another Jewish blogger in PF land?

Create in me a clean heart O God, and put a new and right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10 said...

In 2004 we had a wedding for $2500 that was very nice. That included everything. Areas we cut back:

1. we skipped the boutonnières for the guys, what guy really wants to walk around with a flower on his chest anyway?

2. I carried a boquet of lillies and my bridemaids carried a single lilly, it was very pretty I thought.

3. for bridesmaids dresses, they each wore a "little black dress" and i only stipulated that it couldn't be longer than "tea length." Each wore a different style dress and I loved the way it looked.

4. The guys all work a black suit (which they all had) and we bought their tie.

5. we had a dessert reception only. I hate cake and so we served pie and bought homemade ice cream from some Amish families that live nearby. Also had chocolate covered strawberries on teh table and served some other small desserts. Served coffee, iced tea and lemonade.

Hopefully this gives you some frugal ideas.