"Secret skimping is out, like false bosoms." - Marjorie Hillis, Orchids on Your Budget, 1937.

Friday, January 1, 2010

January 2010 Net Worth


Emergency Fund: $2,200.00
Checking: $1056.16
Wedding Fund: $332.50
Misc. ING Funds: $27.00
Roth IRA: $7,189.01 (out of the $7,200 I've invested so far)
401k: $4,376.67 (from the $3,790.24 invested so far)
Sharebuilder: $38.62 (out of $50 initial investment)
Amex Gift Card: $100.00
Total Positive: $15,319.96

Rent: $PAID
Groceries/Utilities: $PAID
Doctor Bills: $175.00
Phone: $PAID
Subway Pass: $PAID
Credit cards: $668.50
Student Loan I: $7,954.72 (from over $19k)
Student Loan II: $0
Total Negative: $8,798.22

Total Net Worth: +$6,521.74

What made this month great:
  1. $100 for Hanukkah from Nana;
  2. $100 joint-gift from 2 attorneys at the office;
  3. $1,500 bonus from work; AAAND
  4. January is a 3-paycheck month.
Yes, you read that correctly: I got a bonus this year, and it was substantial. I put $100 of it into the wedding fund, $500 toward my student loan, and $900 into my e-fund. It would've taken me MONTHS to save that amount. I feel like such a greedy, piggly little girl, but OM NOM NOM NOM - MOAAARRR!!!

Meanwhile, because this is a 3-paycheck month, I get to pocket a full paycheck and then some. Great start to the new year, if I do say so myself. Who else had a good holiday?


Anonymous said...

Hey there! I came across your site via Well-Heeled. Your definitely on to a strong start for 2010 so good luck with that. Also, congrats on your bonus!!

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog through Jacob's ERE - we sound very similar! Especially about weddings - I felt exactly like you when I planned mine about 2 years ago, girls like us are rare I think. I bought one wedding mag and it made me want to puke with all the stuff they say we should be buying. We had 100 people, somewhat traditional, ceremony & catered reception for about $8,000 including ring. E-mail me if you want to discuss!


Oh, and to cut back on groceries, check out www.thirtyaweek.wordpress.com

ekingout said...

investingnewbie: Thank you! I have a good feeling about this year.

Kelly: It's mind-boggling when you realize how much you're expected to do/spend for a wedding. It's completely OUT OF CONTROL and unnecessary!

ekingout said...

p.s. that thirty-a-week blog is amazing - thanks kelly!