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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Item 1 of 3

As promised, I'm spilling regarding some recent [mostly mental] developments. I'm divvying them up into 3 separate posts so as not to blow your mind:

Item 1. I'm quitting my job.

No, I didn't get another job. I've been sending out resumes, yes, but I haven't gotten one bite. And no, I'm not in the most comfortable position financially, but no matter how much uncertainty I'm barrelling toward (head on, in fact), nothing would be more detrimental to my career and my heath than staying in my current job. That's the truth.

I've learned things from my first real job -- mostly what NOT to do, so I am grateful for that. However, I have also become so jaded, apathetic and STUPID, and I cannot allow it to continue poisoning myself and others (figuratively, of course) another day. Well, another day past my 26th birthday, which I've decided should be my very last day.

I'm giving notice on March 12. I'm still applying for jobs, but I will give notice whether or not I've received another offer.

I'm scared. I'm exhilarated.

More tomorrow -- same time, same place.


me in millions said...

My fist job out of college was for a toxic boss. Leaving that job was the best thing I ever did. I didn't have a job lined up, but everything worked out. Granted, it was a slightly different economic climate... Good luck!

Investing Newbie said...

I'm with me in millions. Letting go of Toxic Jobs is the first step towards personal well-being. Another blogger, Planting Dollars, has recently quit his job. Although he lives in awesome Hawai'i, he still has some pretty good tips about searching for jobs and moving forward with your life.

Christopher said...

@ Sarah

Forgive me, but I would really really REALLY recommend that you NOT quit your job until AFTER you've received a solid job offer with a contract. I'm sorry to be a wet blanket, but like it or not, the economy is in the toilet. It's not getting better. No matter what you hear on CNN, FOX, MSNBC or read in any number of completely out-of-touch newspapers, this is going to continue for a LONG time. Many more will become impoverished, and the unemployment rate will increase before it decreases.

I understand completely your desire to just let it all go and fly where the wind takes you. It's natural. It's healthy. It's the way man was meant to live, in my opinion. However, this doesn't change the fact that, on April 1, your rent will be due, your groceries will need to be bought, and any number of other bills, planned or unplanned, will continue to come your way.

You live in an expensive city and you're planning a wedding. I don't get the impression that your betrothed is raking in the cash (I may be way off on this), so it would seem an unfair burden on him if you were to be unemployed. Furthermore, quitting your job makes you ineligible for unemployment benefits, which means you income will be ZERO if you haven't signed a contract on a new position.

I know, I know...I sound like a dad. But I would be remiss if I didn't share these lessons that I've learned through many similar bouts with I've-gotta-get-the-fu*k-outta-here syndrome. I've made the mistakes, and they can be very very costly even in a BOOMING economy.

My advice would be to continue looking for work quietly, and then quit your current job immediately upon receipt of a better one. Worst case scenario: you'll have a steady income guaranteed until you spot some greener grass.

Meg said...

Ooooh, best of luck!! From what I've read of your posts, you're *really* unhappy... I'm kinda jealous of your resolve. I'm finally going to be leaving my own, unhappy job in April, but it's because we're moving, not because I've got enough spine to up and quit.

I wish you the best of luck in whatever direction you go in next. :) Things do work out, as long as you put in the effort!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with Christopher more!

I know it may be the worst job on the planet, but quiting really shouldn't be an option until you have another job lined up. Its hard to get a job unless you already have one. What will you tell your next interview? "I quit my job cuz it just sucked and was to hard one me, but yes i'm a great worker!"

personally, I'd recommend buying a small business though, its the way to go!

ekingout said...

@me in millions and Investing Newbie, thanks for the support. I'm sure I'll need in when the date gets closer.

@Christopher - I definitely appreciate what you're saying. It's essentially the same conversation I've had with myself daily since I first thought seriously about quitting (starting about 2 years ago).

My original plan had always been to find a job first, then give notice. I've been through a few cycles of this, and unfortunately never found anything. I know that doesn't sound too sunny for my impending situation, but I'm hoping necessity really is the mother of invention.

Meanwhile, my health is deteriorating (I'm very high-strung, and I tend to take solace in gummy candies, wine, and cheese). My job and the people housed inside make me feel sick to my stomach. I am constantly jumpy and afraid most of the day, and I'm pretty sure I've given my fiance an ulcer. I understand that it's rare to find a job you're perfectly happy with, but for me, this job is doing way more damage than the monetary compensation can undo.

Having no income is really scary, and I know my tiny savings won't last beyond a few months. My fiance isn't loaded, for sure (although his salary will probably become a lot more generous in October), but he said he'd rather deal with that stress over the current kind any day. Even my parents, who always told me to stay, stay, stay, now want me to get the hell out of there ASAP. It feels like I'm finally getting out of an abusive relationship. I know it's not the smartest, safest decision, but I can't keep doing what I'm doing.

ekingout said...

Thanks, Meg.

@Anon - I've had all these thoughts before, and I know it's a terrible idea. Cross your fingers for me that I'll get an offer before April?

Anonymous said...

definitely got the fingers crossed for ya ;)

I can totally understand wanting to quit a sucky job. I have quit them in the past without another job lined up, but that was back when living with the parents and low paying jobs that were a dime a dozen.

I guess you'd have to weigh the stress of your current job vs the stress from running out of money/possibly not getting a new job for a long while(perhaps even to long).