"Secret skimping is out, like false bosoms." - Marjorie Hillis, Orchids on Your Budget, 1937.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Speaking of spending...

I don't know how many of you, if any, care about girly pursuits. If you're not into it, now's the time to look away, but if you are, please stay!

My favorite blog on the topic is Into the Gloss, and if you're a bit of a product junkie/voyeur like me, you'll love it, too. Emily Weiss and co. pry into the cosmetic cases of fashion industry women (and men!) and interview them about their favorites.  Who doesn't want to know a little something about Iris Apfel's or Olivier Theyskens' beauty regimen? One of my favorite posts is this interview with Inès de la Fressange that was posted back in January. I love how frank she is. Here's an excerpt:
I think that sometimes women do too much—they put earrings, and color, and necklace, and the lipstick, and fake eyelashes, and fake hair—it’s a nightmare. And I think it’s better to keep a bit of wrinkle here and there; I see these bizarre faces, and after people tell me they have had Botox or fillers, I don’t realize—I just find they have a funny face. [Laughs] Blogs and magazines should explain that it’s fine not to do this. You know, people are not looking at exactly how many wrinkles you have—they don’t care so much. I mean you are old, I am old, it will show…you are not fooling anyone. You have to take care of yourself not to be too disgusting, and to follow a bit of fashion, of course fashion for makeup and clothes as well.
Full interview available here.

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