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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Orthodontia ain't cheap

Ok ya'll...confession: I'm obsessed with my teeth -- flossing them, brushing them, bleaching them, keeping them, basically. But I'm also very stressed, apparently, because I grind like a horse at night. This means I've worn various night guards, and while my teeth are still straight, they've kind of shifted inward. Apparently no one but me and my orthodontist can tell, but I'm obsessed with correcting it.

I had a consultation today with the orthodontist who did my braces. He confirmed my concerns and said he could totally fix everything with Invisalign! YAY, right?!? $5-$6k worth of "yay."

So I'm conflicted. While I would love to dive right in, I feel it would be a financially irresponsible move right now for me. How does anyone feel ok about spending that much money on a non-essential procedure?

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QL girl said...

I actually went through the exact same thing a few months ago. This post was a while ago, (and I didn't see you mention invisalign again) so I figure you've abandoned the idea. I pretty much decided not to do it...my dentist was charging closer to $3k, but I figured it didn't look like a $3k problem. [shrugs] I'd much rather get furniture or something like that.